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Diana meets Nemui: A Trial of Power
The leaves rustled as the archer pulled her bowstring taut. The bounty was in sight. A slim but muscular woman with skin as dark as the night sky and hair as silver as the moon. Dina let go of the string, setting the arrow free.
The arrow sailed through the sky, making an ever so slight whizz as it did so.
The ears of the dark woman pricked up. Nemui quickly ducked down and brought up a fairly large stone. The arrow bounced uselessly of the hard surface and clattered to the ground.
“It is not very honourable of a warrior to strike from behind without giving his adversary a fair chance” Neumui called out into the wilderness.
“But I am no soldier, I am a huntress. It is my goal to win by any means necessary” Diana yelled back “And I am a woman, not a man”
With lightning reflexes Nemui picked up another rock ad hurled it towards the tree from which the sound originated. The velocity of the stone was so great that it snapped the tree in half, making the
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Hairy Tales Episode 1: Sammie the Nazarite
*And a wonderful through pass, the ball is now with Samantha Williams, the team's rising star!  She charges forward.  Will she score??*
*And there comes down all that hair, as has become the young ace's celebration ritual after every win!  You know, you really have to wonder how she plays with so much long hair all bundled up on her head.  Anyway, an amazing goal to seal the win just as stoppage time runs out!  A solid victory for the Nazarites here tonight*

“Nice goal Sammie” Becca congratulated as she patted Sammie on the back on their way into the team's locker room.
“Hey thanks Becca” Sammie replied grinning as she pulled off her giant hair claw. A thick brown plait fell down her back and onto the floor with a soft thump.
“You know, every time I look at this, I swear it gets longer” Becca said, lifting up a por
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Hairy Tales 2: Alex Purn, space explorer
Captain Alex Purn gritted her teeth and wrenched the flight control hard to port as soon as the alarm went off.  A rogue wave of solar wind slammed against the hull of her craft, pushing her dangerously close to the rivaling gravity wells of the orbiting moons.  Io's flux tube was straight ahead.  She pulled back, trying to lift away from certain death.  Her ship's ion engines whined as they struggled against the fringe of the moon's pull, finally catapulting free and shooting out and away from Jupiter.
Purn exhaled in relief as her craft shot forward, but a fresh set of warnings soon erupted across her monitors.  Europa was now straight ahead.  Another wave of solar wind battered the tail of the spacecraft and Purn found herself being driven at incredible speed toward the icy moon.  She twisted the throttle and pushed her flight stick as far away from the moon as it would go.  The engines red lined as the moon pulled at her ship, the Geosynchron
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That was all Della had in her bank account.  All she had been able to scrape together after working two grueling, low paying jobs, and then paying a hearty monthly rent that didn't include electricity, water, internet, phone, or gas.
Della sighed as she looked at her bank account balance on their old laptop, then tabbed over to the object of her love's desire:  The PS4 Pro.  $399.  Before tax.  Sure, there had been online deals, but they'd all come and gone without ever dipping to her humble $187.  She looked longingly over at Fred, who sat motionless before their large screen TV as it cast a blue glow back onto him.  He was an engineering student, and very talented.  Very promising.  His courseload was intense, and so he didn't have time to work his own job.  Della was supporting them both, for now, but once Fred got his degree and began his career, things would be different.
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Tiyennamhu: Elemental State
The elemental form of the Tiyen Masters

The very difference between them and the other is that, the masters keep their hair color changing the shape  while the non masters change both fur and hair
The Tiyenamhu
As Nemui and Sylvia's story became more of a real project, :iconlostlocks: and I have tried to work out how we can fit our two worlds together.  There are two somewhat conflicting magical hierarchies between his lore and mine.  He has Fainn for example, and I have Kamelot, Daschaos and other superhuman creatures.  How do we make them fit together nicely?

I believe I've found something that at least gives us a starting point.  About five years ago, I created a race that was similar to the Fainn.  I didn’t know what to do with them at the time, so i didn’t develop the idea at all. 
A few days ago i found the notes that i wrote about that race and with the help of Lost, we created a connection based on this. 

Here's their story:


They are a race of the Omniverse that share some similarities with the Fainn, especially physically.  We've decided that at some distant point in the very long past, they likely shared a common evolutionary ancestor, but branched out in different directions.  Both are magical creatures, able to wield considerable power.  Both are mostly covered in fur, which is linked to their powers, although their growth patterns differ slightly: a modern fainn's fur grows commonly to just past their elbows and just past their knees, and covers their bellies while leaving their chests bare.  There is some unknown variance to this, however, that current Fainn such as Aubrey, Owain, and (formerly) Pari have experienced.  Their current growth pattern may be a result of impure heritage, and over time, as a fainn sheds the last vestiges of their humanity, their rae coverage increases significantly.  Carolyn, in her rapturous study of Aubrey, has theorized that a child of two full fainn parents may be born entirely covered in fur.

A Tiyen's fur by contrast grows right to their wrists and ankles, and sometimes beyond.  It follows a similar pattern for most of the rest of their body, covering their arms, legs, back, pelvis and bottom, but differs slightly at their torso.  A tiyen's fur stops growing in a narrow V shape that runs down the front of their chest, tapering to a point on their lower abdomen.  Female Tiyen will therefore have all but the cleavage of their breasts covered, where as a regular fainn female will normally have bare breasts and a fully furred abdomen.

The lifespan of a Tiyenamhu isn't limitless when they born (However they can live for thousands of years).  They have created techniques that prolong their life beyond their already vast natural spans if they wish, thanks to their magical prowess.  A Fainn is, by contrast, naturally ageless.  They can still be killed, but will never die from sickness or old age.

Most of a Tiyen's power is linked to their fur and is focused on one particular element.  They can transform their fur into an elemental skin of sorts that can be used like armor or an offensive weapon. However, not all their power is tied to their fur.  Unlike Fainn, if they lose their fur, a small kernel of their supernal essence remains.  With it, they can fight, albeit at a much reduced capacity, and over time regrow their fur and regenerate their full power.  This is because they've developed techniques for partitioning their essence so as not to be rendered completely powerless in the event they are shorn.  This was a survival mechanism for their kind after other warring species began capturing and shearing them to eliminate the threat they posed.

As long as they remain alive, they are able to constantly recreate pieces of their essence.  If they are deprived of their entire Eirusol for example (As we just witness happen to poor Imogen), their techniques allow even this to be overcome and regenerated in time, although it would likely take more time. The only way to stop them from regenerating permanently is to absorb their entire soul, but since that would kill them, it's moot.

Even though they can never lose it forever, they still take great pride in their fur, with the most powerful and respected Tiyen having very thick and lustrous coats.  Having it shaved off is incredibly humiliating and insulting.  Among their own kind, having one's fur clipped shorter is sometimes carried out as punishment for a crime, with the most serious crimes being punished by a full shaving, which is referred to as a "shaming".  These punishments also drastically reduce the abilities of the affected Tiyen until they recover.  Rarely, a crime is committed that is so heinous, the sentence that requires the Tiyen to remain shorn for an extended length of time beyond the normal period it would take to regrow it.  This is a living nightmare for a Tiyen, and they are always frantic to try to escape when their captors come to strip away any premature regrowth.

Whereas Fainn abilities like those of Aubrey tend toward healing and regrowth, Tiyen abilities are mainly about offensive power.  There is a bit of yin and yang to the two races in this respect.

A tiyen's pelt can be different colors compared to their skin and the hair growing from their head.  In some cases, the color of their fur and hair are in deep contrast (for example, green fur and red hair, but it's not usually that stark).
Since they are elemental in nature, the color of their fur coincides with the element they can control.  Thus, they're easily identifiable in their abilities by the color of their fur:
All shares of Red denote a fire Tiyen
Blue shades denote a water Tiyen
Green shades indicate a wind Tiyen 
Brown shaded Tiyen are earth focused
Indigo,lilly or violet shaded Tiyen are a rare breed that controls a fifth element - a kind of cosmic energy akin to plasma.
They have great spiritual power that can use to power up their physical strength and perform elemental magic. 
Their elements are absolute so they could be stopped only by another absolute power.

Females height ranges from 170 cm to 210cm
Males are usually from 190 cm to 220cm
They are a quiet, mostly reclusive people, but they are fierce warriors.  They tend to be very athletic and well toned, with their strongest being very muscled.

They appear feral and wild to outsiders.  In fact, they're actually very smart, being endowed with a great intelligence.  Only the chief primarchs of each element will outwardly reveal their intelligence to non- Tiyen.

There are five known female primarchs - one for each element.  Below are their titles.  Note that these aren't their true names, just their positions.
Shaana is earth
Sheena is fire
Shiina is plasma
Shoona is water 
Shuuna is wind

It is rumored that there is a unique sixth type of Tiyen bearing the title Shyna, which has mastery of light and darkness.

Each of these Tiyen have a male counterpart that, combined with the females form the governing council of Tiyen society.
Keyn for Light and Shadow.

From all the population of Tiyen there are only five girls and five men that have the role of "master" or primarch.  They aren't the only one that can change their fur ( into an elementThe most able warrior can do it easily but only they have a total  elemental control), but they are the only ones that are known to be in possession of a higher intelligence as if they might act as a shield to protect others who are considered wild with no rational sentience. 

Then we have the "king" and "queen" ( more than a representative role than a real) the ones with the element of shadow and light and they are unique. 
Two of these are born only when the predecessor is dead, like a kind of reincarnation

Beyond that, the plasma element is also quite rare, but not unique to only two members as the Light and Shadow King and Queen are. 

The actual number of Tiyen is unknown, but for ration purposes, let's imagine there are only 102.  If this were the case, then:
2 are light and shadow (one of light and one of shadow)
24 each would be the "common" elements of wind, water, earth and fire.
4 would be plasma (they born from the other 4 race like 2 girls and 2 men or maybe there could be an hermaphrodite)
Plasma tiyen are stronger than the common elements (Generally they have the role of special agents/royal guards).  Shadow and light Tiyen, likewise, are stronger than plasma.
The balance in population ratios is maintained by magic so that one of the four major populations is not to become extinct or too powerful.

So in Plasma is 4% of population 
Wind=water=fire=earth= 23,5%
Shadow: 0,9%

The only garment they wear are a pair of flip flops, which they remove when fighting. I didn't have a real motivation for now, but i think that it will be funny to see virtually a naked person covered with fur wearing only flip flops. 

They mainly fight to repel invaders from other civilizations, but have been known to attack and conquer others on occasion.
Their governing council is designed to prevent any civil wars.  The over people of the Omniverse that have knowledge of the Tiyen believe that only twelve of them have any intellect, while the rest are wild like animals.  This ruse keeps them at peace more often than other omniverse species, since conquerors don't usually believe a feral population can be ruled.

So twelve sacrifice a life of peace and seclusion for the good of the rest.  When they fight as an army, only the primarchs can give orders using words.  The others communicate via a telepathy that only Tiyen can perceive, so as to hide their intellect.

To to draw parallels and differences between Fainn and Tiyen:
Fainn are naturally immortal, but shearing their fur permanently strips them of their supernatural abilities and their immortaliy, rendering them human.
Tiyen are long lived, but not immortal.  Shaving their fur temporarily limits their abilities, but it will regrow in time.  They cannot be rendered human.
Fainn originate from the Long Wild, a verdant forest dimension akin to Annwn, the faerie realm, and are devoted to protecting nature.  They aren't limited to a single element, but may display a natural aptitude for one.
Tiyen are not familiar with the Long Wild and have no fae nature.  Their abilities favor destruction over creation and are limited to one particular element.
They both do share very striking similarities though, which begs further study by Fainn and Tiyen historians to try and trace a common ancestor.

Thanks a lot to :iconlostlocks: to have fix my original description XD
Azule Party
Azule: It's the party for my victory, Do you really think that I am distracted by this ? You are very stupid
Young Nemui
Nemui at eleven years old
The white signs aren't tatoo but ceremonial paintings for war. Nemui at that age was the chief of the Daschaos Army and the first daghter of the Tribe's queen
The Fairy Queen: Titania
A sketch based on a revisiting of the protagonist of one of the most rapresentative Shakespeare's work and a creature of the folklore. 
Syl training/mission clothes
It's a sketch of her clothes and i did some mistate that i couldn't fixed at all ahaha 
The T shirt is not a skin type

Her hair are in the "Wing mode"

Sylvia is a OC of :iconlostlocks:
Cheryl Whip-lass
Cheryl is a character of :iconultimateportalmaster:

In a few words i was doing a draw of Nemui with hair cover by hair,( ispired by the pose of Sakura from Naruto because I like that pose a lot) then I saw the hero version of Chery and I dicided to convert the draw into a fan art of Cheryl . 
Her hair hands are smaller than in the others fan art because i already did it so i couldn't correct too much XD and the colors of the "hero dress" are invented based on the "western version" of Cheryl more or less
And this is all XD
Extra page: Super Piles
Sylvia :Ehi Nem, what is that?
Nemui:A kind of "Hero  version" of yours. I read a lot of comics and manga and to hide your identity in our mission it's perfect, isn't it?
Sylvia : Y-yeah it's cool but I-I don't like a lot t-the "double hero life". I would a very normal life and then I should be embarassed with that
Nemui: Ahahah I suppose that you say it. It doesn't matter, maybe you can put it on carnival 
Sylvia : M-maybe yes eheh and, for curiosity, have you choosen a name? 
Nemui: of course, It's Super Piles eheheh!

THe costume is obviously inspired by Medusa of marvel comics.

Sylvia is an Oc of :iconlostlocks:
Extra page: Angela concern
Syl's Home
Angela: We have to talk
Sylvia: "She is looking angry" thinking*
Angela: I am angry, Sylvia 
Sylvia: Did you read my mnd? By the way, why?
Angela: Why? WHYYY? Because of you, stupid Piles!! You're never at home, you don't reply to my messages, you walk barefoot
Angela: You are full of bruises and I don't like the muscular black chick you date. It's a strande, bad girl. To be with her you'll become like this or worse "No Pile mode" 
Sylvia: Hell no!!
5 Minutes later
Sylvia: Sorry Ange,for making you worry. I 'll explain you everything

Sylvia and Angela are Oc of :iconlostlocks:
Extra page: Trying the hair dress...again
Sylvia is a character of :iconlostlocks:

Nemui: .......................why she doesn't just ask me to teach her how to do?
Nemui: What are you doing again?
Sylvia: N-nothing

This is an ipotetic second time where Syl try to put her hair like a dress and like the first time in this chapter… she failed XD

Personally I like the expression of Nemui in the first pannel and the embrassed one of Syl in the last. I like draw Syl with strange expression on her face ahah


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